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Step 1: Prerequisites

Step 2: Install the Certora Prover package

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pip install certora-cli

Step 3: [Optional: if you received a key] Set access key as an environment variable

The Certora Prover requires a valid key when running the tool. For ease of use, it is recommended to set it in an environment variable called CERTORAKEY.


(value is the key provided by the Certora team.)

Step 4: Add the solidity compiler (solc) executable's folder to your PATH

(How to do this depends on your operating system.)

Step 5: Download examples

It's highly recommended to first try out the tool on basic examples, such as those available in this repository. The repository also includes syntax highlighting of specification files for common editors (VSCode, notepad++).

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git clone

Running the Certora Prover

We start with a simple example. After cloning the examples repository, run: