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Verification with ghosts


In the last section, we presented the idea of ghosts for proving the invariant:


‌And we have already defined a ghost for the underlying map:

ghost _map(uint) returns uint;

‌with the hooks:

hook Sload uint v map[KEY uint k] STORAGE { require _map(k) == v; } hook Sstore map[KEY uint k] uint v STORAGE { havoc _map assuming _map@new(k) == v && (forall uint k2. k2 != k => _map@new(k2) == _map@old(k2)); }

‌We continue with defining two additional ghosts: one capturing the length of the array, and the second for remembering the elements of the array:

ghost array(uint) returns uint;ghost arrayLen() returns uint;

‌We also define the hooks. For array:

hook Sload uint n keys[INDEX uint index] STORAGE { require array(index) == n; } hook Sstore keys[INDEX uint index] uint n STORAGE { havoc array assuming array@new(index) == n && (forall uint i. i != index => array@new(i) == array@old(i)); }

‌For arrayLen:

hook Sstore keys uint lenNew STORAGE { // the length of a solidity storage array is at the variable's slot havoc arrayLen assuming arrayLen@new() == lenNew; }