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Standard identifiers

CVL language includes the following standard identifiers: 

  • bool lastReverted - true when the last function call reverted, for example “did the transfer revert?”. Note that it can only return true if the last function was marked with @withrevert.

  • address currentContract - the address of the current contract that is checked, e.g. the address of Bank.

  • storage lastStorage - The current state of the contract. Useful for enforcing hyperproperties of smart contracts.

rule transfer_reverts() { // A rule with two free variables: // - to - the address the transfer is passed to // - amount - the amount of money to pass address to; uint256 amount; env e; // Get the caller's balance before the invocation of transfer uint256 balance = getFunds(e.msg.sender); // invoke function transfer and assume the caller is w.msg.from transfer@withrevert(e, to, amount); // check that transfer reverts if the sender does not have enough funds assert balance < amount => lastReverted , "insufficient funds"; }